Incredible Susan Boyle. Go girl!

29 maio

By watching Susan Boyle singing “I dreamed a dream”, I just feel like if I could fulfill all my dreams. It is so astouning, like a real fairy tale. And she had the courage to live it. Her life could be a movie. And I am so happy that she is living it.

Am I ? I would prefer a happier life for her, it is not good to be a character, I know that, but I think that all of us, are characters of a movie. The movie of our lives.

Until tonight, I didnt want to watch Susan cause I thought she was too ugly for something beautiful to come out from her. I really thought that. And now, I think I have saw her video for 6 times now, in a row. I love it. I love her. I wish she sings for ever. Her voice touches my soul. And makes me laugh of joy.

I mean, everybody has a dream, isnt it? She makes me feel like realizing it. I cheer that she wins! And that she never stops singing. Unless she doesnt want to. And now, I dont think she is that ugly anymore. She is pretty, indeed 🙂 Oh, boy, it really matters, isnt it? It matters, I dindt want to watch her for the same reason I love her voice: cause we love beauty, not the contrary.

To whom who wants to watch the video (embedded is not allowed) – legendado em português: clique aqui

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